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Throughout its 35-year history, Production Resource Group (PRG) has evolved into a worldwide leader of large-scale entertainment and event technology solutions. Think Super Bowl halftime show, Olympics ceremonies, big-name concerts like Madonna, and national conventions. With Demanding and diverse clients who require unique and flawless delivery experiences, PRG reached a point where their current event management system could no longer effectively deliver the results they wanted to provide for their clients. PRG began the search for a partner to develop a necessary and custom system upgrade.



Due to the technical proficiency of PRG’s own team and the potential for their developers to make system changes or even maintain themselves at some point, it was paramount from the start that we gain a clear understanding of their current system’s capabilities, frameworks and development languages, and clearly define expectations for the final deliverable of a brand new custom system.

We focused on discovery at several key points in our project lifecycle and worked closely with PRG stakeholders at client sites throughout the country. During Phase I of our discovery, we met with our client contacts onsite and gathered technical requirements and functionality of their current system. From this meeting, we were able to create a technical scope of work. During our next visit with the PRG team at a second location, we were then able to validate this scope of work and obtain approval to proceed with Phase II, project build. Additionally, halfway through the project, we attended a very large national conference and expo with thousands of attendees and multiple venues, where we were able to observe user interaction with the system and our client in action as they managed the event.



Taking the findings from our technical and qualitative discoveries, we were able to develop a visual representation of the custom system’s user flow and user stories (user experience). Our internal team of software engineers and architects were also able to cultivate a PERT (Project Evaluation and Review Technique) estimate that guided the project management and client expectations throughout the entire build engagement.


Agile Design & Development

Employing a Ruby Application framework and agile methodologies, we built PRG’s system with high performance and scalability in mind. Built with a cloud-based horizontal scaling capability, the system is able to increase or decrease in server capacity based on the client user volume or file synchronization needs at any given time, resulting in increased system performance and decreased expenditures for the client. The system was also internationalized for market expansion in the future.

More than 2,000 tests were written in the system’s test suite throughout the build. Transparency is a vital component to our strong client relationships and project satisfaction, we operated with agile development methodologies in two week sprints to present the progress through live demos for PRG stakeholders.



PRG’s new custom system went live in February of 2016. Since the system’s the launch:

  • 40
  • large-scale events have been managed
  • 600,000
  • backgound processes have run
  • 32,000
  • presentations saved to and uploaded from the system at faster speeds
  • 18,000
  • users have interacted with the system
  • 0
  • downtime for any issues

With the high performance and scalable solutions in place for more than a year, our client has been pleased with the their customized content management system and there is potential for future phases of development.