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Powering Collective Wellness on the Go.


Research, User Experience

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AndGo began as an Andculture experiment and has evolved into an integrated wellness platform. AndGo combines digital and physical experiences to create a wellness ecosystem that goes beyond physical health. By harnessing the power of data, AndGo leverages gamification, competition and human input to remove the silos that separate people from integrated health and wellness.


Research & Synthesis

The idea for AndGo grew out of the Andculture lab, where we turn ideas into tangible products while experimenting and developing skills. The inspiration for AndGo was simple: Wellness is fragmented. We conducted a quick market analysis and pooled our own employees to better understand approaches to wellness.

After our initial discovery, we mapped our market research and feedback to identify possible product features that would inspire our own employees to be more active and healthy.


Design & Development

Initially, the goal of AndGo was to get employees to see exercise as a game—not a chore—and to create competition between departments. We built a leaderboard that leveraged data from the Jawbone UP API and visualized daily fitness activity among individuals and departments.



Every Andculture employee was outfitted with a Jawbone UP, and we transformed the office big screen into a company-wide leaderboard. Individual employee data was collected and aggregated from the API throughout the day and displayed on the AndGo dashboard. Widespread company competition ensued.


Research & Redesign

After seeing its success within Andculture, we recognized there was a greater opportunity for AndGo. We conducted a second phase of research to understand how AndGo could meet the needs of large corporations. We focused on how the platform could extend beyond physical fitness to address mental and social wellness, creating a digital wellness ecosystem.

We followed an agile process to introduce new features and functionality to AndGo. These features included fitness challenges, a comprehensive onboarding process, an advanced leaderboard, customizable modules and a reward system that uses “Go” points. Each feature was introduced to foster competition across multiple populations—not just within a single company.



We partnered with Chick-fil-A to roll out the latest iteration of AndGo. The platform now ties to multiple devices, including the Jawbone UP, Fitbit and Misfit. We’re excited to continue research, design and development of future versions of AndGo.