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hacking for good

hacking for good
Every day seems to bring another headline about a data breach, malware or other security issue affecting companies who build software, people who use software and pretty much anyone on the internet. HackerOne’s clients stay a step ahead of cybercriminals by hiring and paying hackers to find security vulnerabilities before the bad guys do. Three cheers for the good guys!
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what was HackerOne's reality?

Not surprisingly, HackerOne wants to work with the best hackers, wherever they are. To that end, they put a lot of energy into being “the” community for hackers, in order to be the best platform for hiring hacker-powered security. Hackers live on the bleeding edge, fueled by different motivations, coming to HackerOne both for money and for the challenge. How does HackerOne stay fresh, continue to engage and keep the best coming back for more?

Turns out that’s a pretty broad geography — 170 countries and counting.
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how did we tackle it?

Each event is unique. We take inspiration from the type of challenge, the geography and, well, bugs. Because really it’s all about finding critical vulnerabilities, which in hacker lingo are bugs. Capturing the intense energy, collaborative spirit and competitive nature of the events is part of the equation. It’s also no small task to try to stay as relevant and cool as hackers are.

Event Branding
a world of possibilities
Event Branding

From HackerOne’s own annual Security@ conference to live hacking events for some of the world’s top organizations like the U.S. Department of Defense and Verizon Media, we create logos and design assets that speak to hackers and security leaders alike. Live hacking events take place all over the world, and our illustrative visual identities take inspiration from these locales. You will see hackers wearing these logos on hats, t-shirts and even prize belts, should they be so talented to win one.

social media graphics

We help HackerOne promote all live hacking events, Security@ conference and their presence at many other trade shows, including InfoSecurity, GES, Black Hat, Money 20/20, Gartner Security & Risk Management and DEFCON, on social media.

gear cred

No event is complete without lots of amazing freebies for attendees. Hackers especially love to collect live hacking swag, because only the top hackers are invited to many events. The more HackerOne gear you have, the more cred you’ve earned. Some of the many items include:

  • Shirts & hats
  • Stickers
  • Coins
  • Prize belts & trophies
  • Backpacks
  • Posters
  • Pillows
  • Skateboards
Hacker StickerHacker Sticker
Hacker StickerDotsSticker OneSkateboard
why we love HackerOne

HackerOne believes everyone is a hacker. We love the modesty, but mostly we love the mission to "empower the world to build a safer internet," keeping our software secure and personal information, well, personal.


redefining what cyber education can do

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