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Careers / Engineering

Software Engineer

Our Software Engineers go through the full software development lifecycle. They participate in the design, testing and execution of the code that is developed.

The role of the Software Engineer at andculture is to build high-quality, innovative, and well-architected solutions that comply with our coding and design standards.

Like all of us at andculture, we really hope you like to do lots of fun, crazy, and exciting things! Here’s a list of the things we expect you can help us with:

  • Consistently and accurately execute and complete tasks on a project
  • Work alongside a Senior Engineer, Technical Lead or Technical Architect on a project to further increase development knowledge and ensure portions of their work are done properly and on time
  • Increase job knowledge by studying latest development tools, programming techniques and potential integrations with existing software
  • Work with and provide open communication with other disciplines to help solve problems, diagnose potential issues or share progress on a project
  • Create accurate estimates on tasks
  • Write well-designed, testable code
  • Comply to project plans put in place through Agile SCRUM principles and other project management practices on a project
  • Participate in code reviews

An ideal candidate will have most of these skills & qualifications:

  • Experience developing interactive applications
  • Excellent communication skills
  • High problem-solving aptitude
  • Knowledge of selected programming languages
  • Knowledge of relational databases and NoSQL databases
  • Organizational and time-management skills
  • Ability to document requirements and specifications
  • BS/CA in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field