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Careers / UX/HCD

Senior UX Designer & Researcher

In your role as Sr UX/UI Designer & Researcher, you will drive the execution of UX strategy and Interaction Design, digging up insights into user needs and our client’s business needs.

You will work with all levels of staff finding ways to make our work bigger, better, broader in a team environment that collaborates and clashes to do the very best work. We do and always will set our bar crazy high, and aim to design experiences that overdeliver for our client partners and, most importantly, for their users. We don’t put our name on anything that is not amazing.

Must be strong with wireframe creation, user flows, and clickable prototypes. In addition, please have strong expertise in at least two of the following:

  • Research techniques
  • UI design
  • Visual design
  • Workshop design/facilitation
  • Design Thinking/ Service Design methods

Like all of us at andculture, we really hope you like to do lots of fun, crazy, and exciting things! At the office, here’s a list of the things we hope you can help us with:


  • Play a role in understanding and interpreting our client partners’ strategic business values, challenges, and goals, and how those goals intersect with end-user needs. You’re responsible for the function of the product as well as the user experience.
  • Write research plans, guide contextual research, synthesize and affinitize information into user need insights which will inform the creation of personas, customer journey maps, and user flows.
  • Conduct human-centered primary and secondary research and testing in person or via remote platforms to conduct moderated and unmoderated interviews, to understand the usability of your proposed solutions, gather deeper insights, identify gaps and opportunities in UI or UX, and answer complex questions that inform and validate your strategy.
  • Conduct user testing and refining the product based on user feedback.
  • Follow industry best practices in Service Design, Design Thinking, and UX philosophies, methodologies, frameworks, and tools.
  • Work closely with our multidisciplinary team to create solutions that address distinct user needs and business goals through user experience exercises, information architecture, sitemaps, design sprints, sketching, wireframes, behavioral analysis, prototypes, various types of mapping, all sorts of testing, etc.
  • Tackle the complex challenge of designing a consistent, easy-to-use, and delightful product experience across all platforms for several different types of people.
  • Create thoughtful strategies and presentations to communicate crisp concepts to our client partners - oh, and a side note to that: we practice these like crazy.
  • Participate in the design and facilitation of HCD workshops.
  • Work with client partners and internal teams to define usability metrics and success criteria that ensure end-users are delighted with the solutions we design.
  • Collaborate with designers, developers, engineers, and other kinds of strategists to ensure strategy and design solutions are leveraging (and pushing) technical possibilities and human experiences. Take their input into account early and often while juggling multiple projects in different stages and complexity levels.
  • Experience delivering digital products to market and owning project vision.

An ideal candidate will have most of these skills & qualifications:

  • 3+ years of experience designing web & mobile applications, with a strong portfolio that demonstrates your strategic role in UX design and/or Interaction Design and with functional web UI and visual designs across desktop and mobile devices.
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Service Design, UX Design, Interactive Design, Industrial Design, HCI or related fields or experience.. (Self-taught genius in this area? Come talk with us too, we’re listening.)
  • Deep understanding of the design process to guide, plan, and deliver on project work.
  • Designing for Accessibility Standards of at minimum: Web Accessibility Content Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, Level AA & 508 Compliance Trained.
  • Ability to collaborate when prototyping designs using tools like Invision and Figma in partnership with designers.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication, along with presentation skills; you will be in front of people quite often.
  • Complete understanding and ability to demonstrate how strategy, content, and design intersect together.
  • You have a passion for staying on the cusp of what’s next in design and technology.
  • You have a deep interest in understanding people, their behaviors, attitudes, needs, and motivations.
  • Not in your wheelhouse? Doesn’t matter. When someone needs help, you are the first to roll up your sleeves.
  • You are comfortable in situations of challenge and change.