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Careers / Design


You’ll be joining us as a Designer on our Design team, where we believe that magic only happens when we push to make a difference through conceptual and informed design, to ultimately create great brand experiences for people.

In your role as Designer, you work either independently or in conjunction with your fellow designers, taking the work from brief evaluation and interrogation, to developing and evaluating design territories, and finally pushing to find ‘big ideas’ based on design strategy and brief. You have a passion for creative and design excellence, keeping a healthy balance between current creative, design trend knowledge and creative intuition — always grounding the work in sound strategic design rationale. You will dive into projects that range from branding, UX/UI, idea concept and everything in between. You will push thinking beyond the norm in the pursuit of simplicity, clarity and truth, by design.

You have experience working cross-functionally with Human Centered Design, Strategy, and Engineering teams . You want to make a difference and have an impact through design-oriented thinking to create great experiences for people. You want to tackle the complex challenge of designing a consistent, easy-to-use, and delightful experience while balancing on the cusp of what’s next in design and technology. And you’re confident in saying when you see something wrong: it pains you to see sloppily done work.

Like all of us at andculture, we really hope you like to do lots of fun, crazy, and exciting things! Here’s a list of the things we expect you can help us with:

Design Responsibilities

  • Own your creative process, but be accountable for making the outcomes of your process clearly articulated internally, during critique sessions, as well as externally, with exceptional design rationale.
  • Be open and flexible to going back and addressing feedback when needed.
  • Accountable to Design Lead for art & design direction approval, as well as potential roadblocks that create timing or budget bottlenecks.
  • Present and defend work internally, allowing other designers to interrogate and poke holes in it before any client-facing touchpoints.
  • Responsible for communicating and routing strategic project milestones to Client Advisors, allowing for strategic conversations and push-backs to happen before a project or initiative becomes an issue.
  • Work well within large teams and/or independently.
  • Work with our strategy team in interpreting our client’s business challenges and goals.
  • Simplification of challenges and breaking down of big problems into defined steps and processes, taking the solution from ambiguity to clarity.
  • Co-create with our teams thoughtful presentations to communicate crisp concepts to our client partners.
  • Work with our engineers to ensure strategy and design solutions are leveraging (and pushing) technical possibilities.
  • Collaborate with engineers to ensure consistent patterns and user-experience. Take their input into account early and often.
  • When someone needs help, you roll up your sleeves.
  • Give and solicit open and honest feedback in order to continually raise the bar - you aren’t afraid of a good debate!

An ideal candidate will have most of these skills & qualifications:

  • 5-7 years of experience and a strong portfolio that demonstrates your knowledge of brand development and identity creation, as well as how it comes to life through Web, Digital, and everything in between. You’ll need versatility in this role!
  • A strong portfolio that demonstrates your design point-of-view and your ability to think strategically and conceptually.
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Graphic Design or Visual Communications, or equivalent experience to be assessed upon portfolio review (we know there are plenty of self-taught wildly talented designers out there!)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication, along with presentation skills: we expect you to be able to strategically present and defend work in front of our client partners, while mentoring your team in doing just that.
  • Hunger for learning, growth and opportunities to collaborate with a team.
  • Outstanding technical skills with Adobe Creative Suite; familiarity with new media technology/software is a plus. Familiarity with applications such as Invision, Sketch, Miro, Figma - we might add more to the mix, so be ready to learn!
  • Capable of collaborating confidently with other agency and supplier team members and have a passion for cracking tough strategic and design problems.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and collaborate with a team, with excellent time-management skills.
  • Evidence of strong conceptual thinking and design development.
  • Ability to sketch, conceptually diverge and converge, wireframe, prototype and take creative to high fidelity deliverables and experiences.
  • Evidence of strategic, creative and/or UX solutions that supports project goals.
  • Evidence of understanding to B2B and B2C businesses.
  • Basic working knowledge of CSS/HTML.