Our Company

At Andculture, craftsmen of change and culture isn’t just a catch phrase we use to pitch new clients, it’s a point of view that drives what we do and whom we hire. As craftsmen, we value creativity and the role of the human hand–even in the highly complex technical work that we do. Change represents the approach we bring to our work—one that values transformative ideas and a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo. Lastly, an appreciation for culture keeps us focused on the context in which our work is experienced by consumers.

We build things for humans to use. And we hire people who can think beyond the nuts and bolts of a product to create things that make people feel.

Our Project Teams work with a portfolio of clients over the life of a relationship to help ensure a depth of understanding of each client’s brand, priorities and perspective. Members of these teams represent the four core perspectives that we believe are critical to the work that we do. The authority these teams are given to make decisions on projects is significant, but so are the expectations for great work.

The Role

As a Software Engineer, you will work with other engineers, strategists, designers and project managers to architect, develop, test, and deploy software for a diverse range of clients. You will be managed by a Technical Lead and Director of Technology and will be part of a team of experts who will help you reach our goals and challenge you to grow.

You will spend most of your time programming, but will also work with Technical Leads and Software Engineers to figure out what to build and how to build it. You will also participate in all the activities that keep our company on the forefront of technology—from tracking the latest developments in scripting languages to improving our development infrastructure. You may also find yourself working on a project through the Andculture lab, experimenting with the API to connect a physical device to a smartphone or building a middleware layer that solves a new problem for the industry.


We work in a collaborative environment and have a strong and cohesive team, so we hold high expectations for each other regarding how we interact with each other and approach our jobs. We expect the Software Engineer to:

  • Participate meaningfully in all phases of software product and web development, analyzing, programming and testing
  • Be engaged and involved in implementing new products and maintenance of existing software products
  • Add value to the team by proactively sharing knowledge, participating in code reviews, and generally being a positive influence on the group


The day-to-day life of a Software Engineer at Andculture varies, but you would spend the bulk of your time across a few core areas:

  • Develop and deploy custom web-based software solutions
  • Integrate client-side applications (such as marketing automation services, CRMs, etc.) with back-end services
  • Create, manage, and update databases
  • Write user stories and estimate work
  • Test and deploy software

There is no single profile of an engineer who can fill this role successfully, but we do expect that the successful candidate will have the following experience and expertise:

  • 1 to 3 years of professional software engineering experience
  • A working applicable knowledge within a web development language such as PHP, Ruby, ASP.NET, NodeJS ...
  • Moderate experience with MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server
  • Working applicable knowledge of standard and accessible HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Demonstrative experience with cross-browser and cross-operating system testing

While the above are must-haves for this position, any of the following items would be nice-to-haves:

  • Working knowledge of CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Babel or another JavaScript abstraction
  • Working knowledge of SASS, LESS or another CSS abstraction
  • Working knowledge of GIT for Source Control Management (SCM)
  • Working knowledge of GruntJS, GulpJS or another Task Runner
  • Working knowledge of BackboneJS, AngularJS, ReactJS or another JavaScript Framework

If you think you’re a great fit for this role, please send us your resume and information below.

What We Offer


Yup, plus all the usual holidays, too. Oh, and we even include Super Bowl Monday in there.


Between the ping pong table, kegerator, streaming music and frequent happy hours, we have a culture that will make your friends jealous.


We want to see you succeed. We encourage and (in most cases) reimburse opportunities for expanding your professional skills.


Option to participate in a comprehensive PPO plan that includes vision and dental.

Nerd Night

Once a month, we stay after hours to play games, eat pizza and drink a tasty beverage together. Friends and family are welcome!


Andculture offers a simple IRA with employer matching.