At Andculture, change is a part of our DNA. It’s something we embrace internally and deliver to our clients as a deliverable. Our new logo was born of a desire to evolve who we are as a company and, ultimately, the work we bring to our clients. The last significant alteration to our identity occurred in late 2006 and, as you can imagine, our business is overwhelmingly different today than it was then.

Our new logo is an embodiment of that change. It represents the evolution of our work and how that work changes our clients. The mark is built around the formation of the ampersand, not the ampersand itself. We find beauty in the confluence and the process. It communicates a shift. The classic aesthetic references the history of craft in which we believe so strongly, but the dynamism represents the future.

Andculture will always be in motion. We will never stop thinking up ideas; finding new ways to solve problems; and uncovering unforeseen opportunities. This continuous movement is represented in the lines that form the mark, but never come to a complete stop.

Change should not be dismissed, but welcomed. The Andculture logo is a reminder that change is crafted and infinite. It’s a process—one that we want to embark upon with each of our clients.

Josh Cole

By Josh Cole

Former Design Director

Published on March 03, 2014