The dissemination of information across channels and devices has long been a way to learn and share information—consider the original radio, the first television, the modern smartphone and everything before, between and beyond.

The speed at which content is shared only continues to accelerate. Nowadays, all news is "breaking news." Tune into your favorite radio station to find out what happened on last night’s tv show. Glance at a magazine to see which artist’s album tops the charts. Check your Twitter feed for breaking news, or take a peek at Instagram to find out what your best friend is doing right this second. Everywhere you go and everywhere you look, there’s new content to consume and a new way to do it.

However, as technology evolves to suit the mobile experience, this content is increasingly found in the palm of the consumer’s hand. With the tap of a screen and the swipe of a finger, anyone with a smartphone can see and share everything the Internet has to offer, and more.

Now, Google is making a play for the information that currently exists in the confines of mobile applications. With the permission of the developers, Google will be able to index the information from apps and display the content in Google’s Search. You can get all of the details here.

In this week’s Slack & React, Andculture weighs in on the mobile experience, Google’s new search feature and the future of technology.

The Reaction

"So if you are Google, you have to be inside."

Note: Watch the video referenced by Evan here.

By Andculture

Published on November 19, 2015

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