A big trend in mobile web design is the hamburger menu icon. While it seems to appear at the top of every mobile site as of late, not everyone's "lovin' it."

Hamburger, anyone?

If you’ve ever browsed the Internet from your smartphone or tablet, you’ve likely seen these three stacked lines in the upper left- or right-hand corner of your screen, denoting an off-screen navigation menu that appears when you select the icon. This is the hamburger menu icon, and it’s at the center of debate in the UX world. While some eat it up as a powerful tool to preserve a web page’s real estate, others write it off as “mystery meat”.

We’re hungry to give our take on mobile navigation. In this week’s Slack & React, hamburgers are on (and off) the menu.

The Starting Slack

In response to an article shared by Lauren McAteer, Account Strategy Director, Account Strategist Heather kickstarted a debate on the hamburger menu.

By Andculture

Published on December 08, 2015