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andculture’s Stephanie Krell to speak at 2021 Florida Creativity Conference


Stephanie Krell is a Human-Centered Design (HCD) expert with a focus in Service Design, Design Thinking, and Design Strategy. Currently, she is Executive Director of Strategy and HCD at andculture after having worked for Walt Disney and Universal Studios theme parks designing hotel and entertainment experiences. Her background includes extensive commercial and federal consulting experience where she has focused on product, service, systems, and experience design for brands across the globe.

On March 19th, we invite you to join Stephanie at the Florida Creativity Conference, as she hosts a virtual workshop on “Creating a Human-Centric Business Culture”.

About the Workshop

Do you think you know what’s best for your customers, employees, or stakeholders? Now be honest… have you actually asked them about their needs, obstacles, or motivators? Do you know what will make their lives better, or whether your solutions will be seamlessly adopted?

Using a human-centered approach, business leaders will engage in a workshop focused on how to assess challenges and areas for innovation using a people first lens. A series of facilitated activities will show participants how to use human-centered design thinking to improve company performance, innovate the customer experience, and shift from a mindset of ME to a culture of WE.

Human-Centered Design at andculture

At andculture, we apply a human-centered design (HCD) lens to everything we create. From custom development projects and large system implementations, to brand initiatives and organizational operations, we work with companies to design solutions that connect and engage. Our strategic design transformation services help companies map out future state evolutions of products, services, systems, and experiences.

When organizations are human-centric, they focus on the needs, desires and abilities of the users being impacted. Decisions are made based on how people want to perform tasks and access information rather than expecting customers and employees to adjust their behaviors to accommodate functionality.

How can a Human-Centered Design approach help your business?

Understand the needs, motivators and obstacles that affect engagement, satisfaction and advocacy.

  • Improve productivity, retention and operational performance
  • Deliver better service quality to enhance customer conversions
  • Learn valuable insights that drive solutions and strategies
  • Increase internal engagement and collaboration
  • Promote adoption of change
  • Empower employees to deliver an exceptional customer experience

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