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Nic Easton is the Executive Director, Agility at andculture in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He has a demonstrated history of enabling and enacting change and takes an outcome based approach to delivering, measuring, and maximizing value. Promotion of a culture of continuous improvement through empiricism and experimentation is the foundation on which he helps teams and organizations. His background and experiences include healthcare, nuclear power plant simulation, and human centered design.

Human-Centered Agility at andculture

Working in an agile way allows us to accept that being in a professional environment does not excuse us from the reality of also being humans working with and for other humans. Much like being human in other areas of our lives—parenthood, relationships, siblings—flexibility allows us to be more efficient, forgiving and realistic in our roles, while embracing changing realities.

Our client partners can embrace the flexibility that agility gives them, while keeping their vision of the product as the north star. With regular reviews of work, clients can shape the work more closely, more feedback, ensure it is providing value and play an active role in prioritizing work. Ultimately, for clients, an agile workflow means early and often delivery, efficient work and more collaboration and control on the final product.

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